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Universal Wiki Converter

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Version 3.13.0

  • New Jive Converter Module
  • Mediawiki converter improvements: new properties, improved table handling, improved image handling
  • Mediawiki exporter: improved udmf handling, improved memory resource management, improved namespace export options.
  • Moinmoin converter improvements.
  • Jspwiki converter improvements, including new optin property
  • Tikiwiki converter improvements: improved sql, attachments handling, history, and a few new and updated converters
  • Improvements to the tokenizer framework: updated the token to be a little more converter safe. Provided a framework for saving and reverting tokens (useful if a comment converter needs its own tokenizer and engine).
  • Sharepoint converter improvements
  • Mindtouch converter improvement
  • New frameworks:

Fisheye changeset

Version 3.12.0

Fisheye changeset
UWC JIRA - 3.9.0 Issues

Version 3.11.0

  • User Date Metadata Framework support; implemented usage with mediawiki and dokuwiki
  • New hierarchies
  • Mediawiki Bug Fixes/Improvements
    • new exporter option - can output original title to page content (for use with Content Hierarchy)
    • bug fix for leading spaces converter
    • Mediawiki tables can be transformed to confluence syntax or content formatting plugin syntax - this is configurable in the properties file.
    • maintain image size parameters when converting images
    • bug fix for namespace cleaner so that it ignores external links
    • bug fix for subpagelist converter so it uses the underscore2space-links property to maintain whatever title naming config option the user chose
  • Xml Converter Framework Improvements
    • can use the misc properties framework to configure jtidy properties
    • bug fix with simpletableparser whitespace handling
    • bug fix for xml converter regarding whitespace handling
  • Dokuwiki Bug Fixes/Improvements, UWC-446, UWC-447, UWC-448
  • New CLI script for developers (so you can use the command line interface while developing, with the "ant all" classes results) - use ./ for this feature.
  • UWC Page History Framework properties are passed to the Hierarchy Framework so developers can create hierarchies that are version aware

Version 3.10.0

Complete Change Listings
Fisheye changeset
UWC JIRA - 3.10.0 Issues

Version 3.9.0

Complete Change Listings
Fisheye changeset
UWC JIRA - 3.9.0 Issues

Version 3.8.0

Framework/Gui improvements:

Various bug fixes and improvements to different converters:

  • Mediawiki improvements: UWC-376
  • Jspwiki improvements: UWC-382
  • TWiki improvements: UWC-363 - handles twiki variables
  • SocialtextConverter improvements
  • SMF Converter improvements

Complete Change Listings
Fisheye changeset
UWC JIRA - 3.8.0 Issues

Version 3.7.0

Complete Change Listings
Fisheye changeset
UWC JIRA - 3.7.0 Issues

Version 3.6.0

Complete Change Listings
Fisheye changeset
UWC JIRA - 3.6.0 Issues

Version 3.5.0

This was by and large a bug fixes round. That being said:

  • Numerous Jspwiki Converter bug fixes and enhancements, including improved attachments handling
  • UWC-315 - Mediawiki tables with internal lists now work.
  • Several framework improvements, including more graceful behavior when the UWC encounters Xmlrpc exceptions and errors.
  • A handful of other bug fixes.

Complete Change Listings

Version 3.4.0

Fisheye changelog
JIRA 3.4.0 Issues

Version 3.3.0

Fisheye changelog
JIRA 3.3.0 Issues

Version 3.2.0

Fisheye changelog
JIRA 3.2.0 Issues

Version 3.1.0

  • Dokuwiki now handles code tags
  • minor bug fixes Mediawiki. See jira issues list below for details.

Fisheye Changeset for 3.1.0
JIRA 3.1.0 Issues

Version 3.0.1

Bug Fix Release:

  • UWC-282
    • filter framework bug which was interfering when no filter was being used

Version 3.0.0

JIRA project - UWC 3.0.0 issue list

Fisheye changeset v.50 to 3.0.0

Version 50

Fisheye changeset v.49 to v.50

UWC Jira

Version 49

  • Emergency Library Fix necessary for Sharepoint Exporter
  • Drag n Drop Pages into Add Pages box. New GUI Feature!
  • Improved error and info message handling for UWC Auto Detect Spacekeys Framework

UWC Jira

Version 48

(thumbs up) New Sharepoint Converter
(thumbs up) New user submitted Vqwiki Converter
(thumbs up) Several new frameworks:

Version 46

Releasing New GUI (gui v3)

UWC Jira

Version 45

Assorted tikiwiki converter and framework issues.
Framework issues include: disallowing illegal pagenames, and framework to restrict Attachment Size.
UWC Jira

Version 44

Cleaned up conf directory

Version 43

Assorted tikiwiki, mediawiki, and pmwiki syntax fixes:
UWC Jira

Version 42

UWC Jira

Version 41

UWC Jira

Version 40

Version 39

UWC Jira

Version 38

handles uwc-86, mediawiki image syntax whitespace converted to underscores

Version 37

handles uwc-83, choosing a directory creates pages with the wrong pagename

Version 36

handles uwc-81

Version 35

includes connection testing button in ui

Version 34

A couple of small fixes
UWC Jira

Version 33

JSPWiki Converter added
TWiki and PmWikiimprovements:
UWC Jira

Version 32

Tikiwiki Converter module improvements:
UWC Jira

Version 31

UWC Jira

Version 30

Several updates have been made to the JotSpot converter.
You can see the changelog here. Recent updates since version #29 are from svn versions 4824 to 3949.

Version 29

Adds Jotspot Converter and Exporter functionality - alpha release

Version 28

Fixes some MediaWiki converter - still in alpha.

Version 27

MediaWiki converter (written by Laura Kolker) now supported (though still in alpha). Also added a tab for wiki exporters for those cases where a wiki's data needs to be dumped to files that the UWC can send to Confluence.

Version 26
PmWiki fixes - rewrote the way PmWiki handles links to be much more reliabe and maintable. Fixed a host of link related conversion issues.

Version 24
More TWiki bug fixes. TWiki converter quite sophisticated at this point and working well...though still doesn't support multiple TWiki webs (kind of like Confluence spaces).