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We love doing Content Migrations!

Let us help you through your content migration and get you on a better system!

  • Have a non-Atlassian Wiki that you want to move from?
  • Want to get Atlassian Confluence, either Server or Cloud?
  • Have Structured documentation (FrameMaker or Word) that you want to move to an online format?
  • Have Wiki documentation that you want to move to structured documentation (Book PDFs, Word, etc.)

We can help!


  • Start with the UWC. However, it is only a tool, not the solution. It helps you along your journey.
  • Request expert technical support, pointed and specific to your needs and challenges.


  • Deal with your Wiki migration as a PROJECT.
  • We own it - start to finish, and build you a perfect new Confluence Wiki in your new Confluence platform - hosted or not.

Bad In is STILL Bad Out.

  • Machines alone do not make great migrations
  • Intelligent scripts for YOUR content, with intelligent people who care do!
  • Clean content moves, successful adoption, and great new system user experience do.

What's it cost?

Support for the UWC is not free; we charge our normal consulting fees to help get you going, be it small or combined team (you and us) efforts or large efforts you simply want handled.

How much time will you need?

This is a hard question to answer since it depends on many factors (size, complexity, revisions, etc.) It works best to start with a small block of hours, which can usually accomplish a very rough approximation of the conversions. From there, an estimate can usually be made as to the remaining work needed.

Wiki Migrations Checklist

Wikis are all unique and human driven – need expertise that understands content migrations and their unique challenges. We have that experience! To get started, we've created this handy Wiki Content Migration Worksheet.

Download it, fill it out for your environment and send it to us to discuss your migration!

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