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Universal Wiki Converter

titleSupport Disclaimer!

Given that Wiki migrations involve 3rd party systems outside of Atlassian's product line, Atlassian's Support Policies do not apply to Confluence Wiki migrations.

If you open a ticket, they will redirect you back to this site.

  • In general, requests to for migration support will be ignored.
  • Migration support is not free, because there are too many variations and it takes valuable engineering time to analyze each situation.
  • Every migration is unique. Period.
  • We provide short blocks and large blocks of support time, per your need.
  • Contact Brian Thomas for additional supportinformation.

Why might you need help with the UWC?

  • Because migrations are tricky. The UWC is only a tool – not the solution.
  • Because you really like Confluence, want to be on Confluence, and so do your users – but you are not, yet.
  • Because you have a non-Atlassian system of existing content that needs to be migrated, cleanly.
  • Because the formatting, links, tables, hierarchy, cross-references, history, etc. all need moving too!
  • Because you want it to be miles better than where you are currently (pre-migration).
titleGet Help

We can help you deal with the complexities encountered in translating your wiki content into Confluence's syntax and environment.

See this page for a Wiki Migration checklist and brief details, and contact Brian Thomas to engage.


What is the UWC?

The Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) is a standalone application tool that may assist in converting content pages from other wikis to Confluence format, yet it is rarely, if ever, a start-to-finish tool. Wiki migrations can be complicated.

Nonetheless, the UWC as a tool is an extensible framework, allowing users with wikis that aren't currently supported to add their own converters.

Again, the UWC is a tool - and only a tool. It is not the full solution. Usually additional scripting, coding, or consult is required in the process as well.

What the UWC is not

It is not a push-button solution to solve all possible wiki migration problems. It is impossible to create a tool that solves every single corner case for every single content element or nuance on every different FROM wiki system and convert it perfectly to Confluence. It is simply not that simple.

The UWC will, however, save you 1-2+ weeks of scripting development time, compared with starting from scratch, for many of the most common conversion cases.


The UWC has always been an open-source project, not a supported product. More often than not, scripts need to be extended for your unique environment challenges (e.g. many flavors and versions of FROM systems, as well as "human-entered" inconsistent data content to migrate). Nonetheless, the UWC at least saves some time since it's better than starting with nothing.

Service is possible with service engagement – but it is technical development support of your migration overall, not just the UWC.


UWC Developer Support?

Sometimes customers want solutions, however, and not just a helper tool though! After all, you still have your day-job to tend to!

Support comes in many flavors:

  • from technical development support,
  • to technical mentoring,
  • to adoption support and training.

Regardless of the size/flavor of your migration project or end-user base, expert-level support is available.

To learn more, please send email describing your project, userbase size, flavor, and the support you think you need.